Delaware Valley Swing Club



It’s been so long since I posted. I am terrible about keeping people up to date on where I am and what I’ve been up to. 

After some amazing hikes, including the Routeburn Great Walk, Lisa Vivo flew back to the States. 

I stuck around the Queenstown area for half a week trying to sell our car. Then I hitched across the South Island from Queenstown to Christchurch. 

My first ride was amazing because I happened to ride in a car with Anisa Arslanagic, a professional string player from the UK, and her boyfriend, Dave. She played a little concert for us on the drive. An incredibly beautiful moment. 

I spent a few days in Dunedin, then caught a ride with a Dunedin dancer to Christchurch. Christchurch has a great feel to it. The museums are lovely, Hagley Park and the botanic gardens are beautiful and peaceful, and the Christchurch dance scene is full of wonderful friendly people. 

I had a great time teaching a group class for the WCS group, and spent almost every night afterwards at a local dance. During the days, a local dancer would take me out to some great sight nearby. I visited farmers markets, Port Hills twice (once on the back of a motorcycle), Kaikoura for seal watching, and Cave Stream. 

Cave Stream ended up as one of my top 5 favorite experiences in New Zealand. We hiked along a stream through a cave. Chest high pools of water, Rapids, little waterfalls, and even a little climb up to a series of cave rooms overlooking the stream. 

Now I’m in Auckland for the weekend to dance  because I love the Auckland dance community, and also because Mary Ann Nunez is here. 

After that I fly to Malaysia. 

So sad to have missed madjam, looks like everyone had a great time there. 

Anyways, can you spot me in Cave Stream?