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First week in Malaysia  March 20, 2016

Posted by Stripey Steve in Uncategorized.

My first week in New Zealand, I got a $300 speeding ticket. That must be a magic number, because I had to dish out $300 in local currency for unexpected airline policies and delivery fees for the bag my first flight misplaced. 

Fortunately, my travel research warned me about these kinds of surprises. The recommendation is to go with the flow. 

So how does one go with the flow in Malaysia? One eats. Malaysians are very proud of their food, and eating is their favorite pasttime. Malaysian food is a mix of Malay, Chinese, and Indian food, just like its population. 

The fledgling dance community here has been very kind to me and taken me all over KL for the best dishes this part of the country has to offer. 

On the weekend, one of the dancers organized a convoy of cars for two lunches in the countryside near KL. Can you spot me enjoying delicious food with the locals?




1. Stripey Steve - March 20, 2016

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