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The Delaware Valley Swing Club is a group of social dancers whose goals are to preserve and promote  West Coast Swing, Carolina Shag and  swing dancing and its music.  The club is an approved not for profit organization with the State of New Jersey. We received our not for profit status on April 16, 2002.

West Coast Swing originated in California around the same era and started in the Lindy scene.  It is a creative slotted partner dance.

Shag is a swing dance which originated along the Carolina beaches somewhere around the late 1930s or early 1940s.  It’s a smooth partner dance and has a unique flavor.

We aim to provide instruction and dance opportunities in both West Coast Swing and Carolina Shag to those new to dance as well as those more experienced dancers looking to enhance their dance repertoire.   We also offer social activities conducive to the enjoyment of West Coast Swing and Shag dancing for our club’s members.  We offer club members discounts for club sponsored dances and special workshops, and at least one free dance party each year (usually our winter holiday party). We host a monthly dance, most times, preceded by a 30 minute beginner/intro lesson in BOTH Carolina Shag AND West Coast Swing and we offer  intermediate lessons  in Shag and WCS Swing. We occasionally offer a lesson in other dance styles. We send out a monthly enewsletter to club members to keep them informed about upcoming dance lessons, workshops, events and club gatherings. Just click on join mailing list on our home page and you too can stay current with what’s going on in the club.

2010 Club Officers:

We have several committees and encourage club members to join any of these and be a part of helping make  the club the best we can for our community.  You might even think of a need we haven’t!

Current committees and chair person for each:

These positions are all served on a voluntary basis.

We currently have two club DJs:  Rob Baen and Charlie Wight – come hear them play – they’re great!

Club membership dues:  $20 per year



1. sheila purkey - October 7, 2010

Hey all, the club’s Board of Directors voted this week that starting immediately the first time attending the Watermelon Dance you will receive FREE admission – this includes the two Intro lessons too! Can’t beat that.

Marilyn and Joe Chinnici - March 25, 2011

Hi Sheila, Joe and I are interested in finding aplace in the Delaware Valley to do our Shag Dancing. We are part-time in South Carolinaand in Southern New Jersey (Pittsgrove)and we re members of the HHISHAG club in So. Carolina. Could you please tell me if you have dances nearby? We would gladly join your club, if so.Please contact me ASAP.

delval - March 26, 2011

Come out to any of our dances, there are lots of songs you can Shag to, especially if you talk to Sheila or the DJ.

2. Jerry - December 10, 2016

Will there be any kind of proration for the membership time the club was in hiatus?

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